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Hi,my name is Rohan and I am 10, I am a videogame grinder. I like to play games like roblox, bedwars, and etc. In my spare time I read comics and chapter books, I also do gunpla as a hobby. My favorite kind of food is ramen, specifically ichiraku ramen. My favorite color is blue and my favorite thing to do is just- grind games. Sometimes I stay in my room 24/7 and just grind games- with my friends on my PC. Im in to science and computer- language when it comes to educational topics. Now that is all about me.

Summer classes ranked

  1. Video game development
  2. Sphero's
  3. Mobile app development
  4. web development
  5. Arduino
Typical Day at Camp
Class starts at 10:00 AM
Lunch starts at 12:00 AM
Free time starts at 12:30 AM
Class ends at 2:50-3:00 PM
Rohan Balmores

Rohan's webpage

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